Sports clubs are increasingly using games as an essential tool to boost their engagement with fans and enhance their digital marketing strategy, as demonstrated by the recently crowned Ligue 1 champions, LOSC.

LOSC: A success case

LOSC have been crowned Ligue 1 champions, ten years after they were last champions. Besides being champions on the pitch, the northern French football club based in Lille is also a high achiever in terms of digital marketing and supporter engagement.

In oder to celebrate both achievements, we’ve built a success story to show you how they are performing in the digital marketing arena thanks to gamification.


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LOSC: The challenges 

The sanitary crisis has affected the world of football, just like most industries in the past year, and it has not been spared from its repercussions.

The closure of stadiums and halting of international championships has made it all the more difficult for clubs to maintain their relationship with fans. And sponsors have struggled in the same way, as they have lost a fair share of their visibility.

Undoubtedly, Football clubs have had to adapt and be creative, reinforcing their online and social media presence. From contests to quizzes and email campaigns, there is a wide range of digital initiatives for clubs to choose from.

One of the most effective ways for sports clubs to engage with fans and improve their digital marketing strategy is through gamification. By incorporating games like elements such as challenges, points, and rewards, sports clubs can create a more interactive and engaging experience for their fans.


LOSC: Their goals

LOSC has actively relied on the Qualifio platform to maintain their relationship with fans and boost their online presence and interactions.The club have been using Qualifio’s interactive formats since July 2019 to:

  • Engage with their community of fans;
  • Bring their supporters closer together and reinforce the feeling of belonging to the club;
  • Recruit new supporters and increase newsletter opt-ins.

Find out in this customer story how LOSC have used gamification and interactive campaigns throughout the year to reach their marketing goals.

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