Qualifio heads to Scandinavia with new customers in Sweden and Finland


Qualifio is expanding in the Scandinavian market. We are very excited to announce our newest customers on board: Bonnier News and Lifestyle and Alma Media. Both are using Qualifio’s platform to collect first-party data through interactive marketing campaigns.

Bonnier News and Lifestyle and Alma Media, two of the biggest media entities in Scandinavia, have selected Qualifio as their interactive marketing and data collection software. This demonstrates the further penetration of Qualifio into the European market.

Bonnier News and Lifestyle is one of Sweden’s most trusted media brands and includes the flagship national title Expressen. Part of the fabric of daily life in Sweden, Expressen reaches nearly 3 million influential Swedes every day.

Alma Media was founded in 1849 and is headquartered in Helsinki. With its core business units in Finland, much of its growth is occurring in international markets, having expanded throughout the Nordic region the Baltics and Central Europe. Alma Media currently employs approximately 2,400 people.

We’ve seen a 200% increase in Click Through Rate in several projects since we started using Qualifio. The tool allows our organisation to be more agile and more effective when producing high-value campaigns for our target audiences. With Qualifio we’ve been able to easily create more engaging interactivities that tie in with the rest of our content in a seamless way” said Maryam Alijaderi, Conversion Optimisation Specialist at Bonnier News and Lifestyle. Following this success, the group plans to expand the use of Qualifio to its other brands in 2019.

Ian Curd, Qualifio’s Sales Director for international markets, commented “We are absolutely delighted to be partnering with such prestigious names as Bonnier and Alma Media in the Nordics. The Nordic region is world renowned for digital innovation and high standards of data security, even prior to the GDPR. As such, this makes the region a perfect home for Qualifio’s business. The focus on efficient and scalable first-party data collection with strict GDPR compliance monetising online audiences and reducing dependence on Google and Facebook all set great examples for future-focussed European publishers. We look forward to continued growth in the region in the coming months and years.


What is Qualifio?

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