Create your Advent Calendar

It’s that time of the year again! Christmas is coming and it’s not too late to create your online advent calendar with Qualifio!

The landing page Advent calendar allows you to customize a page with doors linking to Qualifio campaigns or different kind of content. You can customize the doors of your calendar: the number of doors, look and feel and the campaigns linked to each door. Create your own customized calendar: traditional Advent calendar, countdown before the launch of a new product etc…

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Identifying participants:

  • Choose anonymous or identified mode
  • Customise identification forms from A to Z and choose from a large selection of field types
  • Use Facebook Connect or your own registration system (single sign-on)
  • Place identification form before or after the Advent calendar
  • Place comments above or under the identification form
  • Limit participation (one time only, once per day, once per hour, etc.)


  • Full customization of all elements of a campaign (dimensions, colours, fonts, buttons, etc.) through a library of templates or your own CSS
  • Customisation of the Advent calendar doors: the number of doors, the look and feel and the campaigns linked to each door ( linking to Qualifio campaigns or any URL addresses).
  • Use a background picture or a top banner
  • Customize all e-mails (exit e-mail, invitations)
  • Adapt the look and feel of your campaign for each publication channel
  • Use a captcha to limit spamming and robots


  • Link the Advent calendar content with a brand or a sponsor
  • Collect profiles for advertisers through a co-registration module
  • Insert an ad server tag into your campaign
  • Complete co-branding of a campaign (and e-mailing) with advertiser/sponsor
  • Link to advertiser’s website
  • Use your advertiser’s multimedia material
  • Present a qualification survey to enrich profiles


  • Access and export detailed Advent calendar statistics
  • Access and filter all unique profiles through CRM module
  • Use your own tags or official measurement tags (CIM, XiTi, etc.)
  • Exclude IP addresses


  • Publish on one or more websites, Facebook pages or mobile sites and apps
  • Use a widget or generate a mini-site with your header and footer
  • Use an XML file

What is Qualifio?

Qualifio is the leading platform for interactive marketing and data collection. It allows you to easily create and publish viral content (quizzes, contests, surveys and 50+ other formats) to all your channels.Learn more