5 campaigns to inspire you for Halloween

With back-to-school campaigns barely over, it’s already time to think of another campaign opportunity for the end of October, and a good one at that! Halloween is one of those seasonal events which puts brands’ and the media’s creativity to the test. But fear not (well maybe just a little, it is Halloween after all), we are here to help you out.

The advantage with Halloween is that it’s neither exclusively for kids nor for adults. Regardless of all the great opportunities, having a successful Halloween campaign is no small feat. In 2013, a survey of over 200 marketers showed that over half were planning on launching a Halloween campaign. Competition has grown and the campaign has to be innovative to stand out among all the others.

  • Who is it?Unfortunately, Halloween is only one night, but it is possible to make the fun (or horror) last. Start your campaign a few days in advance with clues, which are revealed as the day comes closer. Use picture clues, which are unveiled one by one to slowly reveal a bigger image.
  • Cinema ticketsWhat’s better than a good horror film on Halloween? Give out cinema tickets as prizes! But few people are willing to travel miles to go to the cinema. A new feature of Qualifio allows you to choose prizes based on the answer to a question.  For example, in this campaign, the participant will receive tickets for the cinema of their choice. 
  • Zombie attackIsn’t Halloween night the best time to organize a massive zombie attack? And since we’re playing on clichés, what’s more appropriate than a “sudden death” game for your campaign?Combine both and create a game of “sudden death” with a zombie theme. No mistakes allowed, one wrong answer and they get you.
  • Fancy-dress costumesFor children, Halloween without costumes is a bit like Christmas without presents. What’s the best Halloween costume, which is the most popular? You can easily create a photo campaign with Qualifio, and you can upload your own pictures with a simple rating system for the various costumes.You can also create a contest for the best costumes by allowing participants to upload their own pictures.
  • The overflowing candy pumpkinCostumes are good, but sweets are better! These are the ultimate reward for a Halloween sweepstake.In your Qualifio campaign, you can display end screens based on the scores obtained. This also allows you to insert different images. The goal here is to fill pumpkins with candy, and depending on the score obtained, you can display a different filling level.You can let participants play again to get the pumpkin to overflow.


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