Qualifio and ClearOn team up in Sweden – making coupons and interactive marketing the perfect pairing (Press Release)

How coupons and interactive marketing are the perfect pairing

When looking to boost redemption rates and drive sales, retailers and FMCG brands often turn to coupons to enhance their marketing campaigns, both in-store and online.

ClearOn has become an official reseller of the Qualifio platform in Sweden. So from this summer, Swedish brands will be able to make the most of ClearOn’s expertise and experience with coupons, combined with Qualifio’s interactive marketing and data capture knowledge, as the two companies are joining forces to bring an exclusive offer to the Swedish market. Proving that coupons and interactive marketing are the perfect pairing!

Read the press release and find out how ClearOn and Qualifio will be working together to offer innovative, sales-driven and engaging campaigns to Swedish brands.

press release



What is Qualifio?

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