Why your company blog should be interactive

There are new content people around…

When meeting with our brands customers, I see more and more new people with new titles around the table : Content Manager, Copywriter, Content Marketeer, Content Crafter, Digital Content Coordinator, Content Marketing Specialist,… Well, content is everywhere!

Brands are investing more and more into content. They now have content hubs, blogs, dedicated content websites.

Electronic resellers are doing weekly product reviews, telco providers are creating articles about mobile app’s, food-products corporations are writing about health tips or providing branded receipts website, film production and distribution companies are delivering buzzfeed like interactions over recent films…

The goals are obvious : community engagement, traffic on website, product awareness, SEO, etc.

  • Why do you create content ?

Yet the new rising challenge is the following : how can we switch from “flat content” to interactive content?

What’s interactive content? It’s content that drives engagement.

With interactive content, visitors are active : they are clicking, giving their opinions through a poll, receiving dedicated profiles or product based on their choices, answering a quiz, etc.

In other words, they are personalizing content, participating and hopefully sharing.

To make a blog interactive and let people give their opinions, nearly everyone tried the “Comment Zone”. Unfortunately, it’s powerful in B2B marketing blogs, yet less efficient in B2C.

How many quality blogs articles have 0 comments and 0 shares?

One of the solution is interactive formats

Using interactive formats in your blog will vary the experience visitors have. And will engage them : clicking is easier than writing. (and reading…)

What kind of format are we speaking of?
Think about Buzzfeed: Personality tests, quizzes, polls, “sudden death” quizzes, games, etc.

Those formats won’t replace your content. They will support your content and drive engagement.

A concrete example?

You’re a Travel Agency and publishing a post over your Trendy Exotic Summer deals. Great. Why don’t you let your audience discover which destination of your portfolio is the best for them with a personality test : Where should you go this summer?

Just like your blog…

… interactive formats are powerful! But they need to be fun, in a specific context, easy-to-participate, with visuals, on your own channels etc.

Basically, the challenges that all the people we talked about in the beginning of this article are daily dealing with.

A few examples from Qualifio users

Mobistar (TelCo – Belgium)

mobistar blog marketing

Danone (Belgium) – Interactive healthy receipts gallery

danone interactive content

Media Markt (Electronic retail – Belgium)

Media Markt Editorial

Pathé (Cinema – The Netherlands)



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