‘Click on an image’ and other new options

Click on an image

Click on an image to answer a question :

You can now create great quizzes or polls where participants just need to click on an image to give their answer, like shown in this example :

In the tab “Questions”, we have included a new question type : the possibility to display just an image as the answer. As soon as a participant clicks on the image, the next screen is displayed and the answer is recorded. This can apply for quizzes and contests, polls, personality tests, etc.

To create a question “click on an image”, choose “Click on an image” as question type :

Enter your images and labels (necessary for the reporting but not compulsory to display):

Choose alignment of the images (horizontal or vertical) and choose to hide or display the label of your image :

Mask subtitles and center “Participate” button :

In the “Look & Feel” tab of your campaign, you can now also :

Show or display subtitles (h2) like “Question 2 out of 5” :

Center the Participate button :

Resize the illustration :

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