Bye bye Fan Gate, hello Soft Gate!

Facebook gate

Yesterday Facebook announced an important change in its policy regarding their ‘fan gates’. From November 5th 2014, it will no longer be possible to force someone to ‘like’ your Facebook Page prior to enter an application like a contest, sweepstake, photo contest, etc.

Technically, apps creators (such as, well, Qualifio) won’t have the possibility to identify if a participant is ‘fan’ of your Facebook Page or not. With this change, Facebook wants to improve the quality of Facebook connections and make sure people ‘like’ a Facebook Page because they genuinely want to follow its news.

What does it mean?

Of course, it’s still possible to launch campaigns (contests, sweepstakes, personality tests, etc.) on Facebook pages, and of course this change will have no effect on the virality. However, these campaigns will no longer systematically mean massive fanbase increase, even in case of successful actions. Nonetheless they keep all their interest if you’re looking to engage your community and collect data on Facebook users. By collecting and qualifying unique profiles in your database, you can include them in your marketing & CRM strategies. This is of crucial importance, especially in a context of drastic organic reach decline.

How will Qualifio adapt to this change?

Today’s Fan Gate will be replaced by Soft Gate, i.e. a page that offers the possibility for a participant to like your page, but with no obligation. In the Qualifio back office, you will have the possibility to customize these pages (look & feel, picture, title, font, etc.) and add a text explaining why your participants should follow you. These Soft Gates will be 100% responsive and will be responsive.

Next to those changes, creativity remains the key! For example, use the new Qualifio campaign type ‘quiz with cumulative points‘ to make sur your participants come back every day and see your outstanding content.

So, in fact, this is all good news: Facebook continues to encourage quality content and qualitative, voluntary relationships, with a genuine interest for your brand. If you keep engaging your audience with creative and entertaining interactions, you’re on the good track.


What is Qualifio?

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