Qualifio 3.4: Discover 6 brand new features!

6 new features in the Manager

1. Twitter soft gate

The soft gate allows you to boost your reach on social networks. It is no longer limited to Facebook pages: from now on, you can also invite your participants to follow a Twitter account.

Twitter Soft Gate

The soft gate’s set up is done at the Channels step of your campaign, under the “Soft Gate” tab. Please note that for Twitter you only need to indicate the name of the account – without the “@”.

2. Bulk upload for photo contests – beta

You can now upload several pictures in one batch in a campaign “Photo contest – upload”. The feature is available under the “Document” tab in the Manager. For each uploaded photo you can edit the fields set up at the “Questions” steps – if any – (e.g. receipt title, receipt…) and the form fields.

3. New Polaroïd gallery templates

There are two new templates for your photo galleries: Polaroïd responsive (1) and Polaroïd responsive straight (2).

4. Discover from which sources your participants are coming from! [Javascript embed tag only]

Each time someone participates to a campaign on a page that uses a Javascript embed tag via an URL with UTM parameters [Source, Medium, Name, Term, Content], these values are automatically added in the reporting module to the line of his/her participation. Be also careful with qlic.it URL’s provided by Qualifio: you can’t add any other elements behind those smart URL without breaking those.

Some graphs are also shown to facilitate the analysis of your sources.Imagine that you handle two emailings campaigns. The source will either be emailingA or emailingB. This source will be mentioned for each of your participants.

Technically speaking, you have nothing to set up in Qualifio: the UTM will automatically be added to your reporting.

5. User management

The user management by the admin user(s)/account creator(s) has been redesigned and enhanced to be more efficient and secure:

  • Automatic regeneration of users’ passwords
  • Possibility to extract users’ list and details (.xls)
  • Users activity log
  • New search function
  • Optimisation of websites management per user

6. Pixel Tracking on opt-in

Do you wish to display a conversion pixel in the exit screen each time a participant accepts an opt-in? You can do that directly in the opt-in field in the form, “tracking” option. The pixel will be displayed only in case of conversion.


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