Since 2011, Le Slip Français has been producing authentic, uncomplicated garments that are as high quality as they are comfortable, designed and made in France to make a positive impact. Le Slip Français’ mission is to reinvent the French textile industry with panache by relocating production, developing local and eco-designed materials, and positioning new digital tools at the service of human, sustainable production rooted in the diversity of territories.

Although 2020 has been a crazy year, the eCommerce sector has experienced strong growth, with the beginning of a lockdown marked by a spectacular increase in online orders. A trend that is not about to be reversed and with which many of our users have been confronted, such as Decathlon, whose eCommerce currently represents 20% of its turnover, or Le Slip Français, of which 65% of its overall turnover comes from the web.

We discussed with Lucie Bonadies, loyalty manager at Le Slip Français, to better understand the brand’s digital marketing strategy. Her mission: define and implement the brand’s CRM and cross-channel strategy to retain, reactivate and acquire new customers, from creating the message to producing and analysing marketing campaigns.

Since June 2020, Le Slip Français has decided to focus on interactive marketing and use the Qualifio platform to achieve three objectives:

  1. The engagement of their customer base on desktop and mobile;
  2. The acquisition of leads and newsletter opt-ins;
  3. The enrichment of customer knowledge.

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Thanks to the Qualifio platform, the brand relies on three types of campaigns to achieve its objectives:

  1. Campaigns dedicated to the year’s key events such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. They aim to engage and reward their customers and collect new email addresses.
  2. Campaigns available all year round on the brand’s eCommerce to acquire leads.
  3. Survey campaigns aimed to question customers about the various actions implemented by the brand and gather valuable information.

A total of 5 people use the Qualifio platform to create these interactive campaigns: the marketing manager, the eCommerce manager, the loyalty manager, the community manager and the trainee. Every week, the marketing, loyalty and eCommerce managers meet to decide on the games, campaigns and actions to be implemented based on the sales promotion schedule.
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