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Club Brugge K.V’s sponsorship campaign

And you, would you be able to beat the score of the Belgian footballer Mats Rits? This is the challenge Club Brugge K.V gave to its fans. In collaboration with the Belgian hardware store-chain Hubo, the football club launched a runner game on its Facebook page, promoted via its newsletter and social ads. Participants had to catch as many balls as possible and avoid lawn mowers or drills to win one minute of free shopping in Club Brugge’s fan shop. To be eligible, participants needed to upload their Hubo purchases’ receipt and fill out a form proposing an opt-in for Club Brugges and Hubo’s newsletter.

The club also proposed two other games to its fans to win amazing prizes offered by Hubo: a jackpot and a wheel of fortune. For these games, all participants were winners: they received a discount for Hubo’s webshop.

Why is it one of our February campaigns of the month?

The Club Brugge campaign demonstrates how a football club can use its digital channels to generate value for its sponsors. I love it because they turn fan engagement into measurable marketing leads and sales uplift for Hubo.

Gilles Lenaerts Sales manager @ Qualifio

MAKRO’s awareness campaign

Because 2020 has also been a crazy year for local non-profits, the Belgian retailer MAKRO decided to help them financially by involving its consumers. With the action “Become the hero of your favourite local non-profits”, MAKRO is giving 3% of the amount of its consumers’ purchases to the local non-profits of their choice. An original action, perfect to increase its brand visibility and engage its consumers. The campaign is divided into two parts:

  1. Local non-profits have to register via a form. They can save up to €3,000 in purchase credit per year at MAKRO.
  2. Consumers have to link their MAKRO card online to their favourite local non-profits. Every time they shop at MAKRO, the local non-profits of their choice receives 3% of the total amount of their purchases. To help them make their choice, MAKRO created a personality test. Consumers just need to answer a few questions to know which association is their ideal match and in line with their interests.

Why is it one of our February campaigns of the month?

I love the idea to become the hero of your favourite local non-profits. And, I love even more the use MAKRO has made of our new webhook 2.0! Based on participants’ answers, a query is done and a selection of local non-profits, updated automatically according to applications on MyMakro, is displayed at the end of the campaign. Also, after participants are logged in on MyMakro, the personality test form is prefilled and hidden for a better user experience.

Sofie Dewyn Customer Success Manager @ Qualifio

Le Slip Français’ love campaign

For its new collection celebrating Valentine’s Day, made in collaboration with the illustrator Quentin Monge, Le Slip Français decided to use interactivity. The brand launched a puzzle during the whole month of February and challenged users to rebuild it in less than a minute. The prize? The product of their choice from the collection in collaboration with Quentin Monge. A lovely campaign to engage and reward its customers.

Why is it one of our February campaigns of the month?

Everyone loves puzzles! This campaign is an original way to highlight and present Le Slip Francais & Quentin Monge new collection while celebrating love. I would have loved to participate and win one of these underwears for Valentine’s Day.

Charlotte Cornetti Customer Success Manager @ Qualifio

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