What Christmas campaign will you be launching this year to engage your audience, collect consumer data and boost your sales? The festive season formally begins with Black Friday. Lucky you, we’ve published an article with the best Black Friday marketing campaigns. So now, what’s next? How will you be celebrating Christmas with your audience? Read on; we’ve compiled 11 Christmas campaign ideas to inspire you and make your life easier.

Christmas campaign ideas imagined by our team just for you

1. The branded photo editor

Let’s make the most of this inspirational article to introduce you to our new photo editor! We have been working on this format to offer our users an easier-to-use interface for a better experience. However, the core features remain the same: participants can upload and edit a photo by adding graphics such as stickers, frames and your logo or those of your partners. For the festive season, we have imagined a photo editor full of Christmas stickers so your users can pimp their pictures!


2. Repeat the Christmas balls!

How can you boost the exposure of your brand whilst increasing your audience engagement? Try the Repeat it! game. This fun game will challenge your audience to watch a sequence of images and repeat it correctly to reach the first place. You can then obtain new leads by adding a form to your game and asking the participants only for the information that you need.

Try the live campaign below! All you have to do is remember the sequences of Christmas balls and repeat them. ⬇️?

3. Help Santa deliver all the presents

With the quiz with instant check, let participants type any answer and get an instant check as to whether they got it right or not! In our example, they need to help Santa deliver all the presents by finding them in the picture. Add a time limit to challenge even more participants and reward the one who finds all the gifts in the fastest time.


4. The snowy runner

If you want to give your audience a moment of fun, launch a runner game. The goal is simple: get the highest score possible by avoiding obstacles and catching bonuses. The coolest thing about this game is that you can customise all the elements to fit your brand’s identity, from the character to the background, to the music and the bonuses.


5. The ultimate Christmas movies battle

Whether you’re working for a cinema chain, a media group or a brand, the movie battle is a must. It’s a campaign that’s very easy to set up, it’s a popular format and you’ll gather valuable insights on your audience preferences. You can even make a draw between the participants and offer the winner(s) a gift related to their choice.


6. Share your recipes

It’s time to encourage your users to generate content for you! Via a photo contest, ask your audience to share their best Christmas hot chocolate or Christmas log recipes and make your community vote for their favourite one. You can level up the challenge by asking them to make their recipe 100% with your products.


7. Win your Christmas dinner

We all know how expensive a Christmas dinner can be. So why not offer your audience the opportunity to win it or win discounts to purchase what they want? To do so, we have imagined a wheel of fortune! Set your prizes and let participants spin the wheel to find out what they’ve won.


For Qualifio users: the above Christmas wheel of fortune is available in the Qualifio platform. Create your wheel of fortune in just a few clicks by selecting the right template.

8. Finish the Christmas song

“All I Want for Christmas Is You”, “Last Christmas”, “Jingle Bell Rock”, are some of the most famous Christmas songs that rhythm the festive season. So allow your users to awaken their inner artist by challenging them to sing a part of a well-known Christmas song in the way they want. You can do so via a video contest and encourage them to upload their videos.


9. Which Christmas tree is right for you?

The personality test is one of our most popular formats. We’ve imagined one around Christmas trees to help users know which one is right for them. A real tree? A wooden one? Or a DIY tree? Select your questions, determine the different profiles and explain for each profile where they can get their tree (with a link to your e-commerce maybe?) or how they can make it.

christmas-campaign-personality-test-1 christmas-campaign-personality-test-2

Christmas campaigns created by our customers

1. The must-have n°1: the Christmas Advent calendar

Every year, our users get creative to launch the most original Advent calendar with lots of gifts, original content and entertainment. Have a look at our article with Christmas Advent calendar ideas to be inspired. Need some help to create your own Advent calendar? Contact our Studio team right now to launch your calendar in time.


2. The must-have n°2: the gift guide

If you’re an online retailer, gift guides are perfect to offer personalised product recommendations and, in time, boost your sales. The brand Kérastase created one around their products and generated relevant gift ideas based on participants’ answers. Each profile had different gift ideas accompanied by a call to action redirecting participants to the dedicated page on Kerastase e-commerce.

christmas-campaign-gift-guide-kerastase-1 christmas-campaign-gift-guide-kerastase-2

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