Cannes is the film festival with the most media coverage worldwide. Prestigious films and famous guests are its trademark. Celebrities and red carpets are also an integral part of this media event and almost steal the spotlight from the films in competition.

As with any large media event, it can be used by anybody to generate engagement, virality and to collect data on the web and social networks… and not just in the film and entertainment industries!

We have compiled a few examples of interactive marketing campaigns that can be deployed on your Facebook pages or included in your content marketing drives.

Top/flop – Outfits from the ceremony

If you’re strutting the red carpet, an exceptional outfit is a must. But be careful: if you take it too far, you can quickly go from top to flop!


Prediction – Win the official car of the Cannes Festival

Organise a big Cannes contest: predicting which film will win the Palme d’Or. The winner gets the limited edition Cannes Festival car, for example.

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Chrono quiz – Recap quiz

Post-festival is not just synonymous with a hangover. The event can still be exploited by setting up a timed recap quiz of memorable events from the 2016 edition.

Instant win – A Flexnit subscription!

Vous n’êtes pas obligé d’être dans l’industrie du film ou du divertissement pour créer des campagnes sur le Festival de Cannes. Cependant, si vous en faites partie, hors de question de ne pas sauter sur l’occasion. Un instant gagnant est si facile à mettre en place.


Personality test – What kind of festival-goer are you?

Each year, we find the same types at the Cannes Festival: there are the paparazzi, fans, snobs, jet-setters, party animals, etc. Have fun creating a personality test to discover your own festival-goer profile.


Sudden death – History of the festival

Over the past 70 years, the biggest stars have walked the Cannes red carpet and hundreds of films have helped create the history of the festival. Now you can create a big quiz focused on the event’s history, spiced up by a “sudden death” rule.


Guess the word – Find the film’s title

Using the Guess The Word format, create a contest where entrants have to find film titles based on their posters.


Personality test – Ideal cocktail?

Cannes equals parties in the nightclubs, but also beach and pool parties. Create a “What’s your ideal cocktail?” personality test, taking the opportunity to highlight cocktail recipes that use your products.


Memory game – Stars then and now

The Memory format allows you to find identical pairs, but also to connect different card pairs. Over the years, stars change and the scalpel sometimes becomes their anti-ageing ally…to the point where they sometimes become unrecognisable. Match current photos of stars with their childhood pictures.

Vote with multimedia answers – Based on trailers, who will win the Palme d’Or?

Offer your audience a big contest to: have them predict the festival’s winner based on the trailers for the competing films.