1. Unibail Rodamco’s landing page: Creating a link between digital and physical points of sale

Le look de la semaine

You don’t always need a game to create interaction with your audience. Here’s proof: by setting up a carefully designed landing page, the Carré Senart shopping centre is encouraging Internet users to come to its shops. Each week, the Look of the Week highlights products and the corresponding shops. It’s an excellent way to inspire shopping lovers and to bring them into the stores!

You can decide how to adapt it according to what you’re selling in store: gadget of the week, book selection, weekly sales items, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Unibail’s use of Qualifio for its landing page facilitated the page’s insertion on Facebook and the inclusion of viral elements for wider distribution.

2. Carrefour Baby’s random draw: Improving segmentation with targeted prizes

Carrefour Baby

By offering very specific prizes aimed at the campaign’s target audience (accessories for new-borns), Carrefour Online is ensuring a high level of participant segmentation. Basically, they are very likely to be people who are expecting a baby or parents of a new-born, which will enable Carrefour to offer them suitable products and give them deals on products for new-borns.  In conclusion, Carrefour is making sure that the competition pros won’t be interested, as well as compiling a highly targeted database. The parents, meanwhile, receive offers tailored to their needs, so it’s a win/win campaign.

When you create your competition, always think first and foremost about using your own products as prizes, as you’ll reach an audience interested in what you are offering and keep competition pros away.

3. Kinépolis’ Kinéquiz: Highly personalized games that combine a landing page and a quiz

Kinépolis is using this campaign to reach all film lovers, regardless of their taste in movies. When they go to the game page, participants actually arrive on the landing page, composed of clickable images each leading to a different quiz, depending on the chosen theme. This means that everyone finds their niche, so fewer people will give up due to the theme being too narrow or too complex. It’s up to you to choose a range of themes that will attract your entire audience.

For example, you can create male and female versions of a personality quiz, or offer quizzes adapted to different age groups.

4. Grazia’s personality test: Increasing a competition’s appeal by pairing it with editorial content

Quelle boots fashionista êtes-vous ?

The interest of this competition offered by Grazia is twofold: the editorial aspect, since it is a personality test, plus a very attractive prize: a trip to New York. Fashion lovers will participate in order to find the model of shoe that best suits their style, while readers who are rather looking for an escape will enter in order to win the trip.

In any case, the final aim is the same: to get the participant to fill in the prize draw form or the test profile, so that their profile data can be gathered. This data can then be used in order to propose personalized content or offers.

In general, with these mixed editorial/marketing competitions, the prizes help to attract more participants, whereas the editorial content improves the viral potential of your campaign and its visibility on the Web: a winning combination!

Congratulations and thanks to the teams at Carrefour Online, Unibail Rodamco, Grazia and Kinépolis for these four original competitions, which the Qualifio team found so appealing!