The quiz is a simple and efficient interactive marketing format to engage your audience and collect first-party and zero-party data, with thousands of different combinations possible and gamified experiences! In this article, we’re presenting 10 original interactive marketing quizzes to consider. These 10 formats are easy-to-create and will enable you to vary the content proposed to your audience to stand out and attract their attention.

Interactive marketing quiz n°1: the spot the difference game

This game is a classic. With the “spot the difference” game, players must find the difference between two similar images. This is an excellent way to entertain and engage your audience while having them look at a specific image for a relatively long time. To be used for advertising or just for fun and engagement!


💡 If you’re wondering how to create this game in Qualifio, follow the steps explained in our FAQ to make your spot the difference game.

Interactive marketing quiz n°2: the hidden object

The hidden object game is simple: players must find an item that is hidden within a picture. It can be one of your products or your partner’s. They get a series of pictures and clues to what object they need to find (e.g. what it looks like, a silhouette, a textual description or a name). Then, all they need to do is click on the item when they find it. 


💡 Discover how to create a hidden object game in this FAQ

Interactive marketing quiz n°3: guess who?

With the “guess who?” game, your users have to guess a celebrity, an activity, or an object, from a deteriorated image. As one goes along (every day or every week, for example), the image gets clearer in order to facilitate game play but also to encourage users to come back regularly to your channels. You can also add a new clue at each step of the game! 


💡 Here’s how to create a “Guess who?” game

Interactive marketing quiz n°4: the shell game

In the shell game, several identical containers are displayed on the screen (cups, doors, trunks, etc.) and a prize is placed behind one of these containers so that it cannot be seen. The player is then invited to click on the container they believe holds the object. Each time they play, the prize is placed behind another container so it can go on forever! A great way to increase the time spent on your channels 😉


💡 Find out how to create a shell game in this FAQ

Interactive marketing quiz n°5: the rebus

Challenge your audience with a rebus! A rebus is a coded message using pictures, numbers and letters to replace words. Turn the text of your choice into a fun little picture puzzle and ask your audience to name the words represented. An ideal format to help them discover your new line or product, for instance.


💡 How to create a rebus? You have two options! Check out our FAQ right here

Interactive marketing quiz n°6: the price is right

Can your audience guess the right price? With the “price is right” game, pairs of cards are displayed with different products and prices. Participants have to match each product with the right price. You can also use the “open question” format in your quiz to ask the price of your products. This is a great way to highlight promotional prices and to showcase your products in a fun way.


💡 Wondering how to create a “price is right” game? Everything is explained in our FAQ

Interactive marketing quiz n°7: the blind test

Create your own blind test campaign by adding music samples to your quizzes. Participants have to listen to pieces of music and find the artist, either among the given proposals or by typing the correct answer. And to make it even more challenging, you can also add a time limit!


Interactive marketing quiz n°8: the escape game

The escape game is a thrilling and exciting game we particularly love at Qualifio! Participants need to find clues and solve tricky riddles to “escape” within the given time. The game lets participants type in an answer which is validated instantly, making it easy to provide them with the opportunity to “redo” the question. 


💡 To create an escape game, use the instant answer check format and let you creativity run free! In addition to escape games, you can create many other quizzes with the instant check like sports, music, picture, food or movie quizzes

Interactive marketing quiz n°9: discount coupons

There are numerous ways to engage potential customers using discount coupons to be redeemed in-store or online. And with Qualifio, it’s incredibly easy! Give a discount coupon to each participant for your web-to-store campaign, which they can then redeem in your store or your online boutique. Driving foot traffic to your retail store has never been easier!


💡 Discover how to generate discount coupons within Qualifio in our FAQ

Interactive marketing quiz n°10: unique codes

Attract and convert new online customers with a drive-to-web campaign. Distribute unique codes in store (e.g. on receipts or flyers), granting participants access to exclusive online contest. A powerful weapon to identify and qualify your foot traffic! 


💡 Want to use unique codes in your quizzes? Find out how you can manage unique codes in Qualifio in this FAQ.

Now you have 10 more interactive marketing quizzes to test with your audience! The key to keeping your customers or prospects engaged and encouraging them to interact with your brand day after day is to vary your interactive formats and offer them new ways to be entertained. If you need help creating your interactive marketing quiz, contact us 😉