Qualifio is integrating HighCo Data (e)coupons to allow you to drive more traffic to your points of sales and connect the physical and digital worlds.

Looking for an easy way to distribute personalised e-coupons to your web users and drive them to your stores? With the integration between HighCo Data and Qualifio, you can easily integrate personalized discount coupons into your interactive marketing campaigns. Your participants will be able to print their e-coupons immediately at the end of your campaign — no need for redirects! They will also be able to redeem their coupon in any points of sales, be it in Belgium or in France, in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and in many other markets.

About HighCo Data – HighCo Data is specialised in promotional and operational marketing like the management of discount vouchers since 1985, both for brands and retailers.

Why use Qualifio with HighCo Data?

  • An effective lever to convert your digital community into buyers in your stores;
  • An effective way to boost the number of participations to your marketing actions: combine the playfulness of Qualifio formats (quiz, personality test, battle, photo contest, poll, form, etc.) with a reward for participants;
  • Personalised e-coupons based on the name, score or profile of each participant;
  • E-coupons compatible with all Qualifio formats: easy to implement in your campaigns, without extra development;
  • Collect, enrich and qualify your database: the collected data about your users will allow you to offer them personalised coupons;
  • E-coupons certified GCN (Global Coupon Number), enabling companies to uniquely identify digital coupons and recognised by all retailers.

Customer Success story: Nestlé

To promote their product for dogs Purina Dentalife, the Nestlé group offered their users the possibility to win a 1€ discount voucher. To receive their e-coupon, participants had to fill in a form with their contact information and answer two questions about their pets. The campaign was easily implemented: Nestlé created a form through the Qualifio platform and integrated a HighCo Data e-coupon, printable or downloadable once the form was completed. In the end, 25 000 e-coupons were distributed and 78% of participants accepted to subscribe to Purina newsletter.

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Need more information about the integration of HighCo Data e-coupons in your Qualifio campaigns?  Read our FAQ!