Another month is up in 2023! So, it’s time to look at our favourite campaigns of the month. Here are five interactive marketing campaigns created by our users in March to engage their audience and collect first- and zero-party data. Get ready to be inspired by these brilliant ideas 🤩

1. SNCB’s “Piano in Station” contest 

SNCB, the company that manages the Belgian railways, launched the “Piano in Station” contest 🎹 What does this contest consist of? Last year, SNCB travelled with a piano through 12 Belgian train stations. They encouraged commuters to awaken the Mozart, the Angèle or the Stromae in them by filming themselves playing their most beautiful piece of music and sharing their video with the SNCB!

With all the videos they received, they decided to organise a video contest with the videos of each finalist per station. The video with the most votes was crowned as the winner of the contest and the proud owner won a portable piano!

An original way to let the SNCB’s commuters express themselves in music! 

Image of the SNCB’s “Piano in Station” contest
Image of the SNCB’s “Piano in Station” contest

2. Lipton’s personalised claw machine 

Unilever’s brand Lipton doesn’t do things by halves! They had a precise idea in mind of the kind of game they wanted to create for their audience and they put everything in place to launch a unique campaign. 

Image of Lipton's personalised claw machine

How? First, they asked their agency to create a claw machine where participants would have to catch yellow bubbles in a limited time. Then the Qualifio team worked on integrating the third-party game into the Qualifio campaign framework respecting Unilever’s visual identity. What more could you ask for? One of the winning prizes for this campaign was a weekend in London. 

Video de la maquina de garras personalizadas de Lipton
Video of the Lipton claw machine

Why is it interesting to use Qualifio in this case? Qualifio made it easy for Unilever to: 

✅ Integrate a third-party game that is not part of Qualifio’s catalogue
✅ Implement winning rules
✅ Collect first-party data in a GDPR compliant way 
✅ Maintain full control over their data

Do you know the best part? You can also create a Qualifio campaign with the game of your dreams! Contact us for more information. We’ll be happy to help you!

3. Orange’s catcher game 

Orange has created a catcher game for the Orange recycling weeks. During these weeks, Orange customers can come and ask for their smartphones to be cleaned and discover refurbished smartphones.

In the catcher game, participants need to catch falling objects. In this case, it was with a time limit, and participants could win several gifts. It’s a fun and engaging format for your audience. 

At the end of the game, they also put a form to collect zero-party data like the address, the gender, … in order to get to know their audience better. 

Image of Orange's catcher game

4. ASSE’s obstacle run

The obstacle run is one of our new advanced formats. In ASSE’s running game, participants have to avoid obstacles and catch trophies but they only have three lives. 

The campaign is permanently available on the ASSE Kids’ Club website, and there is a short form at the end of the game to show the participants’ score in the ranking. An excellent combination for ASSE to know their game participants and to offer more entertainment to young ASSE supporters.

👉 This format is available as an add-on to your licence. Contact us for more information.

Image of the obstacle ru of ASSE

5. Grimbergen’s puzzle 

For spring, Grimbergen has launched a new limited edition beer: the Grimbergen Spring Brew! 

To promote this beer, Grimbergen has created a puzzle called #Beertime. Participants have to rebuild a picture divided into 16 pieces in two minutes. It’s a great campaign to introduce a new product and to engage your audience!  

And to make sure everyone gets a chance to participate, the contest is open from March 21st to April 21st! The winning prize? Tasting packs specially designed for the occasion 🍻

Image of Grimbergen's puzzle

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