This is the last campaign of the month article of the year! Before digging into the interactive marketing campaigns that stood out for us in December, we wanted to wish you all the best for the year ahead. May this year bring you an engaged and loyal community 🤩

Loterie Nationale’s wheel of gifts

4,000 games and scratch cards to be won, that’s what the National Lottery of Belgium has offered to their community! From December 9th to December 28th, participants could spin a wheel full of gifts on their website. Each day was a new chance for them to win one of the prizes, allowing participants to return day after day to try their luck again.


Les Éditions de la Martinière’s book calendar

December is the month of Advent calendars, and we particularly liked the one launched by the French publishing house Les Éditions de la Martinière. With the help of our talented Studio team, they created an Advent calendar in the shape of a pile of books. 

Every day a different book was highlighted, with a summary of it and the chance for one of the participants to win the book! To be amongst the lucky winners, participants first had to play a game (a puzzle, a memory game, a quiz, a personality test, etc.) and then enter their details to be entered in the draw.  


Kérastase’s product guide

A less festive campaign, but nevertheless very interesting in the build-up to Christmas, to find the product that perfectly fits your needs or those of your family and friends.

Kérastase created a 5-question guide enabling consumers to find their “Fusio-Dose” match, a personalised hair care available only in salons.

The exit screen displayed the perfect match for each consumer with the ability to book a treatment directly into the salon of their choice. 


YSL’s phygital Advent calendar

Another digital calendar that caught our attention this month is the YSL Advent calendar, which is an exact replica of the physical calendar created by the brand.

To win the gift of the day, participants just had to enter their contact details in a form and wait to be contacted! In addition, some games were also made available, like a jackpot, to facilitate the election of the winners.


Look back on 2022 with us!

For the last campaign of December, we didn’t have to look very far 😉 Look back on 2022 with us is a campaign launched by our teams for Qualifio and non-Qualifio users. 


Participants were invited to test their knowledge of 2022 with 7 fun quizzes on different topics: sports, politics, movies, music, environment, etc. 


The aim of this campaign, which ran from December 12th to December 20th, was to give our community a good dose of fun and a chance to win some great rewards while showing them the capabilities of our two modules, Qualifio Engage and Qualifio Loyalty. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about this action or our modules.