Despite the holidays, Qualifio users have been overflowing with ideas all summer, creating contextualised and perfectly targeted campaigns. Here are five of these campaigns that have particularly impressed us with their originality and good use of Qualifio Manager’s numerous options.

1. Combined Quiz: The Tour de France by Carrefour Online

Several sporting and cultural events take place in several stages like the Tour de France, giving the opportunity to offer your participants a quiz in saga form, with the quiz mechanism combined. The questions are available only once, on specific dates. In this particular case, each participant could win one point a day by correctly answering a question linked to the corresponding stage of the Tour de France. Carrefour rewarded the most dedicated fans who accumulated the maximum amount of points with a place in the prize draw.

2. Personality test: your summer sunscreen kit by Marionnaud

Marionnaud and Clarins' summer contest

Through this test, Marionnaud offered each participant a summer beauty products kit tailored to their holiday habits while giving out personnalised and contextualised advice. They also incorporated a draw mechanism, with a chance to win the recommended product collection. It was an excellent example of a campaign combining editorial and marketing elements, published at the right time on their website.

3. Quiz: treasure map of Martinique by LM Y&R

Treasure map quiz of Martinique

In this quiz, each question presented tourist deals on the island of Martinique. By offering localised prizes, the contest was aimed at holidaymakers en route for Martinique. Each question related to a local tourism offer, and once it had been answered, a brief description of the offer was displayed in order to give participants all the information needed to take advantage of it. It was a great way of highlighting local offers to a target audience.

4. Photo gallery: summer recipes by Danone

Danone's interactive cookbook

Danone used the Qualifio photo gallery in an original way to promote its summer recipes. A picture illustrated each dish with its ingredients and recipe. Without any voting mechanism/winnings or any photo to be uploaded by visitors, it became an interactive recipe book. A simple and fast solution for presenting content in an organised and aesthetically pleasing way on a website or Facebook page.

5. Battle: the return of the Mc Donald’s Big Tasty by DDB Paris

Mc Donald's burger battle

The DDB agency offered an original battle mechanism. With the return of the legendary Big Tasty, the hearts of fast food fans were torn between the ‘original’ and the ‘bacon’ hamburger. Internet users could therefore vote for their favourite, but the results of the community vote would be announced just a few days after the contest’s launch. In doing so, McDonald’s created the meet-up a few days later for the announcement of the results on its Facebook page.