In the fast-moving world of digital marketing, data is super important. Understanding consumer behaviour and preferences has never been more crucial, especially with the challenges posed by data deprecation and the decline of third-party cookies. 

We previously introduced the “Qualifio Insights Report: data collection trends” which provides valuable insights into how top European brands use interactive marketing and gamification to collect first- and zero-party data.

We built this report with the goldmine of campaign and participation data collected from the Qualifio platform from June 2022 to June 2023. The data was extracted from the Qualifio accounts of over 30 major consumer brands based in France, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal, the UK and Germany.

Today, we’re pleased to present three different infographics that simplify the core findings of the Qualifio Insights Report, making them easy to understand and visually engaging.

Data collection trends in 3 visual infographics

Data, as we know, can be overwhelming. The sheer volume of information, charts, and statistics can often leave even the most seasoned marketer feeling inundated. That’s where our infographics come to the rescue. 

We’ve made these infographics to help you get the most important data collection trends from the report in a way that’s easy to see and understand. In the age of data, knowledge is power, and our infographics are the key to unlocking that power.

Here’s what you’ll find in our infographics:

1. Industry insights

Discover the specific data collection strategies employed by consumer brands within the media, sports & entertainment, and FMCG industries. Our infographics break down the key takeaways from each sector, offering a snapshot of the data collection trends and techniques that are driving success.

2. Interactive formats demystified

Are you curious about the types of interactive formats that work best in the digital marketing landscape? You’ll get a clear understanding of which formats brands are using to engage their audiences.

3. The power of integrations

Discover which type of integrations major brands use to fuel their marketing tools with consumer data, a crucial step in achieving a data-driven strategy and breaking down data silos.

Explore now our trio of insightful infographics unveiling key strategies in the media, sports & entertainment, and FMCG industries. Let’s go ⬇

If you’re interested in accessing the complete Qualifio Insights Report that served as the foundation for the infographics above, you can find it right here!