We all have in mind an example of an interactive game to which we have participated. This memorisation is one of the aspects you can rely on to build audience loyalty. Furthermore, when talking about gamification, we are also talking about an original experience for clients and prospects.

The imprint of your brand in the consumer’s head is only the tip of the iceberg…


Give your audience a reason to come back

By regularly organising gamification campaigns, you give your audience a reason to come back and interact with you and your company. This commitment allows:

  • The federation and animation of your community. When you have just participated in a marketing campaign, what is your reflex action? You share the game with your loved ones so that they too can try their luck, especially if there is an attractive reward at stake. A game that has become viral will allow you to cross borders to introduce your brand to a new audience and engage your existing community.
  • An increase in your notoriety. Through the creation of fun and original games, your reputation benefits from a positive, unique and modern aura. Customers and prospects will want to participate in your next campaign and keep an eye on your brand. Thanks to this dynamic brand image, your audience will be more attentive to your future commercial solicitations.
  • The personalisation of your commercial relationship. A game means a participation form. The data collected will allow you to interact with your audience in a more personalised way and build their loyalty. Use this data wisely to offer the most suitable offer for your customers’ needs and attract them according to their preferences.

Example of successful retention

Discover some examples of gamification campaigns carried out by our customers to build audience loyalty.

Purina’s photo contest

The marketing agency Dogofriends conducted a photo contest for the dog and cat food brand, Purina.

The objective was to promote the brand’s new product, Purina Dentalife, a chewing stick for dogs.


For twelve weeks, dog owners could enter the photo contest by posting a photo of their dog with one of the brand’s sticks and answering a short questionnaire. A question about the dog’s name was asked in the form. A winner was selected each week and received a bag full of surprises, including six months of Purina Dentalife.

The gamification campaign was promoted through online (Facebook ads, newsletters, influencers,…) and offline (flyers, samples, internal promotions) channels, ensuring greater visibility with consumers.


The data collected in the photo contest were used to personalise the commercial messages. Each email sent to the participants was personalised with the name of the dog in the subject, previously collected via a form. The brand found that, thanks to this customisation, the opening rate increases by 10% on average.

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