Two loyalty programs launched to engage and inspire our audience

As you may have heard, in December 2021, we launched our new platform, Qualifio Loyalty. Our second product is an interaction-based loyalty platform that rewards customers for all types of interactions they have with a brand, not only purchases. To make sure the launch of our new platform was as smooth as possible, we first tested Qualifio Loyalty internally on our 70 employees. And that’s not the only test we carried out! A few months later, we involved our Qualifio Engage customers in a second test in the run up to Christmas. Since day one, we’ve built our product taking into account the feedback and needs of our customers.

In this article, discover in detail the two very first loyalty programs we launched to test our brand new platform and their outcome.


The internal test: Qualifio Summer Vibes

Qualifio Summer Vibes was the first loyalty program we launched, aimed at our employees. Our goal was to keep our 70 employees engaged during the summer months, provide them with fun moments, and, in fine, gather feedback on their experience of the platform.

Step 1: incentivise

First, we brainstormed with our marketing and product teams about the interactions and actions we would focus on (by team or solo), and we came up with ten of them. To earn points, our employees could:

  1. Play one of our games. Each week, a new game was made available.
  2. Walk, run or bike, and every kilometre counted.
  3. Resolve a support ticket from a customer.
  4. Win or create a new deal.
  5. Book a new demo with a prospect.
  6. Sell or renew a licence.
  7. Get a customer review above the score of seven.
  8. Take part in a yoga class.
  9. Deliver a Studio campaign.
  10. Create or update an FAQ article.


Step 2: award points

We attributed a certain amount of points for each of the above actions, that we named Qualicoins. To do so, we synchronised our loyalty program with our tools:

  • Qualifio Engage for the games,
  • Strava for the runs,
  • HubSpot for the demos,
  • Planhat for the renewals,
  • Google Calendar for the yoga classes,
  • Etc.

Step 3: reward

We then set up a list of rewards (gift cards, branded items, vouchers, beers, barbecue material, etc.) and the number of Qualicoins employees needed to redeem a reward. To encourage even more engagement, we announced that the overall top three employees would win three mystery prizes at the end of the summer.

Step 4: show everyone’s progress live

For employees to follow their achievements and Qualicoins, we customised the member portal interface and decided what they would see once they’re logged in. Here’s what it looked like:


Step 5: ask for feedback and analyse

Finally, we sent out a survey to gather our employees’ feedback and analyse our results. In two months, we got:


The external test: Christmas with Qualifio

Every year, we thank our loyal users with a small Christmas gift. This time we wanted to give them a good dose of fun and give them a chance to win some great rewards, while showing them the capabilities of our new platform. And that’s how our loyalty program “Christmas with Qualifio: 7 days of rewards” was born!

Step 1: create

Exactly like Qualifio Summer Vibes, we first decided how our users, this time, would earn points.

  1. By taking part in a game: from Monday to Friday, we made a different game available each day for them to play. The more they participated, the more points they earned!
  2. By interacting with us. For that, we set up five earning rules:
    1. Share a picture on Instagram and tag Qualifio in it
    2. Log in to Qualifio Engage
    3. Watch a YouTube video
    4. Get Qualifio’s greetings card
    5. Send a Christmas card to our HQ in Belgium

Then, we set up a list of attractive rewards: bottles of champagne, boxes of Belgian Marcolini chocolate, €50 vouchers from a list of e-commerce shops among our customers, Bose headphones, Airpods, a night in a luxurious hotel, etc.


Step 2: promote

As it was the first time we were showing our new platform to our Qualifio Engage users, we put a lot of emphasis on promotion and mobilised all our teams’ help.

  1. We invited our users to participate via newsletter and kept them engaged every day by sending them the game of the day.
  2. We displayed pop-ups on our website targeting only our users.
  3. Our CSM team adapted their email signature with a dedicated image.
  4. We added a permanent tab available in Qualifio Engage and pop-ups to remind our users about the program.
  5. And finally, we launched the loyalty program in English and French to attract more users!

Step 3: ask for feedback and analyse

Via the survey we launched to users, we got an average rating of 4.6/5 and to the question “Would you be interested in launching the same program for your customers?” we got a 4/5. Some of our users even agreed to have a 15 minutes call with our Product Owner, Arthur, to discuss our program further.


These were the outcomes of the two loyalty programs we launched last year with our new loyalty platform. Qualifio Loyalty is now up and running and we are very proud of it. We even have our first customers! If you have any questions or want to create the same kind of program for your audience, don’t hesitate to contact us!