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Our 10 best resources to find free stock illustrations for your campaigns

If you have ever created a Qualifio campaign or prepared an online advertising campaign, you probably must have asked yourself:

Where can I find free photos that I can use?”

We’ve been there too! Which is why we want to share with you a list of the best free stock images websites. All these resources have the Creative Commons Zero licence (also known as CC0).

  • CC0 licence allows you to edit an image and to publish it for commercial use, without having to mention the author.

This licence is the most convenient and useful one. Under the CC0, you are free to use the picture as you wish, whether for personal or commercial use. You are also free to edit it as much as you want.

Here are our 10 best free stock photos websites:

Plus a sure bet : public domain pictures, which you can find on the Public Domain Archive website.

Beware of other “free stock” websites that don’t always have the Creative Commons licence!

It is important to highlight that many types of licences exist amongst free stock websites. You should always take the time to check the terms of use of the licence if you don’t know them. With a different licence, you might have to mention the author’s name in your campaign for example.

And as a special bonus…

If you’re looking for icons, check out Icons8.

And finally, if you wish to make your content a bit more interactive, you’ll definitely want to use some GIFs. These animated pictures have become viral and are getting a lot of shares on the internet.

If you are looking for a nice GIF such as the one above, we recommend you have a look on the reference website: Giphy.


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