[Ebook] Data Management Platforms & data privacy

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Obtaining a data subject’s consent to the use of their personal data is one of the key elements of the GDPR. But does this apply to the processing of data via a Data Management Platform? What about the ePrivacy Regulation? Find out more in our brand new ebook, written in collaboration with Lex4u!

In a previous article, we explained what a Data Management Platform is. Its objective? Create audience segments based on information from different sources. This data is stored anonymously or pseudonymously, via a unique identifier or the use of an information tracer (cookies, Facebook pixel, etc.).

In collaboration with Frédéric Dechamps and Nathan Vanhelleputte, from Belgian law firm Lex4u, we offer you an ebook dedicated to the DMP and how it is subject to the GDPR and ePrivacy rules through practical examples.

What are first, second and third-party data? What are the effects of the GDPR and the ePrivacy Regulation on the Data Management Platform? Find out more in our ebook!


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