[Infographic] 2020 trends in personalised marketing and data

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To stay on top of their games, marketers have to keep up with the trends in their industries and more. What is happening in personalised marketing? Are companies in conformity with the GDPR? We have gathered the best 2020 trends in personalised marketing and data in this infographic, keep on reading!

2020 trends personnalised marketing infographic

Table of contents:
Email: the predominant personalisation channel
The growing emergence of Voice Search and AI
The GDPR is taken seriously
First-party data, the companies’ best asset
Personalisation at the heart of marketing campaigns

Email: the predominant personalisation channel

In their barometer, Actito has asked marketers which channels they would like to develop and improve the personalisation. 69% of them answered their email marketing, followed by their website (61%) and social media (44%).

Email marketing will still have good days in the next few years. With the potential for segmentation and personalisation, companies have the opportunity to reach their customers directly, in the best possible ways.

The growing emergence of Voice Search and AI

Voice Search is certainly the most talked about topic, and for good reasons! According to Search Engine Land, 20% of Google searches are done with a voice assistant. In 2020, this figure is expected to reach 50% (source). If you haven’t invested in voice search yet, you might be missing out.

And it’s not the only growing market. 70% of companies will invest in AI within the next twelve months (source).

What about chatbots?

According to MBA MCI, 70% of clients would love to get an easy and immediate response to their questions and complaints, but also when they’re looking for assistance or advice. In the future, chatbots might help your company cut costs and, therefore, improve your ROI.

The GDPR is taken more seriously

Since its implementation, 78% of companies have conducted a GDPR assessment, and 32% have increased their data protection budget. However, only 31% believe they are in full compliance with the GDPR rules (source).

First-party data, the companies’ best asset

75% of European companies consider the use of first-party data as a high priority. According to the Actito Barometer, 38% of the interviewees said they will set up contests to collect this data. Indeed, first-party data play an important part in the personalisation of marketing campaigns.

Personalisation at the heart of marketing campaigns

Don’t overlook the power of personalisation! According to Accenture, “75% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company that recognises them by name, recommends options based on past purchase or knows their purchase history.

However, for 83% of marketers, creating personalised content is still one of the biggest challenges. To overcome that challenge, 74% think of implementing an automation marketing tool in their marketing strategy.

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