DMPs (Data Management Platforms) are a big hype at the moment, for media companies as well as brands.

If you are still trying to figure out what a DMP is (rest assured, you are not the only one), take a look at our article “What exactly is a DMP?

Let’s say your company has a DMP installed. A big name DMP like Adobe, Krux, Lotame, Cxense, Ignition one, BlueKai or any other. The question we want to tackle here is: why should I connect Qualifio to my DMP?

The answer is, in fact, quite easy, as a DMP is basically a large storage space for data. To function effectively and deliver ROI, it needs… data. And the 40 + type of viral campaigns that you can easily launch on websites, mobile apps and social channels with Qualifio are generating high volumes of fresh, highly segmented data that can be used by the DMP.

A concrete example

Let’s say your are a retailer selling hi-tech and cultural products (smartphones, tablet computers, books, music etc.). Here a few examples of Qualifio campaigns you could run on your site(s), blog(s), Facebook page(s), mobile app(s):

  •       A vote for the best song of the year;
  •      A great battle between Apple and Samsung smartphones;
  •      A personality test to know which sort of music lover you are;
  •      A expert quiz on wine;
  •      A memory game to match comics strips covers with authors;
  •      A photo contest where participants can upload their most artistic picture;
  •      A prediction for the next World Football Cup;
  •      Etc.

You get the idea: all of these interactions will tell you a lot about the hobbies and preferences of the participants. But not only. It will also tell you which device they use, where they live, how often they come back… When you feed this data into your DMP, it helps you create segments (for example, fans of comic strips in the Paris region, amateur photographers, wine lovers etc.). So a unique DMP ID (linked to a unique browser) will be associated with a segment and can be enriched with both the first party data that you have collected and the third party data that you can buy.

What can you do with those segments?

Segments help you personalise the content of your site or blog. Next time a wine lover visits your site, you will present them with content about the new wine guides or the best wine cellar fridge.

Segments can also help you create powerful ads that are specifically adapted to your audience’s preferences. To your wine lover, you will show an ad for the new wine guide not only on your site or blog, but also through retargeting networks and Facebook. And of course, that will dramatically increase the efficiency of your advertising actions.

Finally, depending on your DMP, the data collected allows you to gain a better understanding of how users consume your content based on their profile and their preferences.

Anonymous or identified?

A Qualifio campaign can be anonymous (“Take a quick, 10-questions quiz on VR helmets and share your score on Facebook”) or identified (via a form, a Facebook connect, or the retailer’s own identification module/account). In every case, the data will be relevant for the DMP. If the campaign includes an identification step, the benefit will be even bigger for data qualification:

  • You will know, for example, the age and sex of the participant;
  • You will be able to push a complete profile to your CRM, e-mailing or marketing automation tool, and thus be more efficient in your future marketing activities (e-mail, posts etc.);
  • You will be able to create a segment using Custom Audiences on social media.

You are a publisher?

If you are a publisher, the same logic applies. By pushing data from Qualifio campaigns to your DMP, you will be able to:

  • Adapt your content to your reader’s profile;
  • Propose a more segmented audience to your advertisers and thus significantly increase the CPM price of display ads that you are selling on your media assets.


By smartly using the 40+ viral campaign types proposed by Qualifio and building a smart planning of interactive campaigns (linked to your marketing activities and current events), you will build a valuable source of fresh and qualitative data for your DMP. These viral campaigns will also be source of new traffic and leads, as well as a great way to promote your brand and products to your audience.

Do not hesitate to contact us: Qualifio can assist you in all aspects of the connection of your DMP to our engagement & data collection platform, but also in the definition and implementation of an action plan to collect valuable data and feed it to your DMP.

At Qualifio, we believe that technology should break silos. We believe that interactions with your audience should be done in a coherent way and that all data should be fed into your other data tools.