The first month of 2023 is over, so welcome to the first “campaigns of the month” article of the year! Which interactive format have our users chosen to engage their audiences and collect first-party data and zero-party data for this new year? That’s what we’ll see in this article. Get ready to be inspired for your next marketing actions 😉

Biotherm’s product guide

We really like the video background that Biotherm included in their campaign! It makes it much more visual and enticing! Who could resist starting the product guide straight away? 

In this campaign, participants are invited to take the guide to find their perfect skincare routine and win a free sample to test it. 

We love this campaign because it enables Biotherm to:

1️⃣ Introduce their products to potential consumers
2️⃣ Build trust with current consumers
3️⃣ Raise awareness and educate consumers about their products
4️⃣ Boost product sales
5️⃣ Increase brand recognition and visibility


KitKat’s store-to-web campaign

Combining the physical and digital worlds is something FMCG brands and retailers are increasingly seeking to do. And KitKat did it perfectly with their new campaign launched in collaboration with Amazon Prime for the release of the series “The Lord of the Rings”. From January 1st to May 31st (yes, that long), consumers will have the chance to win a prize per day. How? 

🛒 First, they must buy a “The Lord of the Rings” KitKat product. 
🔐 Then, they need to find the unique code hidden in it. All the unique codes were generated within the Qualifio Engage module. If you want to know how they did it, check out our FAQ “How to upload or generate unique codes?
💻 Afterwards, they need to go on KitKat’s website ( and enter their code into a dedicated campaign.
🏆 Finally, they discover if they have got a winning code via instant wins!

The main prize, an epic adventure, will be drawn from all participants. An original campaign that will make consumers return to the KitKat website every day.


Cacharel’s sampling campaign

For the launch of their new fragrance “Yes I Am Bloom Up!”, Cacharel launched a simple form with the opportunity to win a sample of their new perfume or a make-up bag. 

Similar to Biotherm’s campaign, this sampling campaign will enable the brand to introduce their new fragrance, increase visibility and engage consumers, all with a simple yet powerful data collection form.

image cacharel sampling campaign

Purina’s cat snacks quiz

“Let’s share the good times” is the campaign proposed by Purina. The pet food brand created a quiz to test pet lovers’ knowledge of how snacks can reinforce their relationship with their cats. At the end of the quiz, Purina gave away free samples for the greatest pleasure of the participants. 

An excellent combination to promote their products and delight pet lovers while collecting insightful data for Purina. 

Unique Heritage’s teasing campaign

Unique Heritage launched a secret project for their Picsou Magazine. To find out more about this secret project, they gave their community the chance to fill out a newsletter opt-in form to be kept informed by email with hints and to ultimately discover, in exclusivity, this great novelty.

An easy-to-set-up campaign that has enabled the magazine to attract readers’ interest while collecting newsletter opt-ins.

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