Christmas and New Year’s Eve are coming and you’re still wondering which digital action to launch?

This time we give you 100 marketing inspirations you could create and launch before the Chirstmas Holidays.

personality test

Theme : Christmas and New Year’s Eve


Video contest: Christmas Eve activity
Upload videos of the best poems and sketches performed by your kids on Christmas Eve.


Memory game: The Price Is Right.
Match Christmas gifts with their correct price.


Personality test: Gift ideas.
Conduct a personality test where each profile is offered a list of gifts depending on their age, gender and interests.


Advent calendar with planned questions
No need to create 24 campaigns for each door of your Advent calendar, a campaign with planned questions is enough.


Mystery word: Mystery gift
Discover the mystery gift hidden in the mystery word campaign to win the gift.


“Multiple check box” survey: Gift of the year
What gift will be the most popular this year?


Weighted quiz: “Christmas-crazy or a real scrooge?”
Calculate your Christmas index with weighted questions!


Photo contest: The most beautiful Christmas tree
Upload your best Christmas tree photo and get the most votes to win the contest.

Photo contest


Photo contest: The best craft project
Your little ones have worked hard to make you their best Christmas craft gift: the most original one will get a prize.


Writing contest: The most original Christmas Eve
Tell us your quirky Christmas Eve story.


Photo contest: Your holiday meal
Don’t forget to pay attention to the presentation of your dishes and then take a photo to enter this exceptional photo contest.


Writing contest: Your holiday menu
Share your holiday menu recipes, get the most votes and win prizes.


Photo contest: Christmas card
Create an original card and upload it for the photo contest. The card with the most votes wins.

14Photo contest: Christmas recipe ideas
Propose a photo gallery of different Christmas dishes made with your products. It’s a good example of interactive content with high added value for your readers.


Survey with images: Are you a Champagne, foie gras or caviar person?
Give a score of 1 to 10 for these Christmas delicacies.


New Year’s flash contest
Starting at midnight on 1 January, the first 1,000 entrants will all win prizes. Enough to create a nice little buzz!


Battle: Foie gras vs. faux gras
Biggest debate of the year-end festivities, are you more foie gras or faux gras?


Survey: Tourist destinations for the Christmas holidays
Do you like skiing, sunshine, or staying at home?


Survey: What’s your ideal New Year’s Eve?
To each their own on New Year’s Eve: Friends? Family? A nice restaurant? A nightclub outing?


Battle: Christmas meal: Turkey or lobster?
The big “battle” between the most popular holiday products!


Battle: The most ridiculous gift
Each year, it’s the same: those presents from your great aunt verge on the ridiculous. Liven up your digital channels by offering a contest for the most ridiculous Xmas gift, and then give out a present that’s really worth something.


Photo contest: The worst presents received for Christmas this year
Same concept as the previous campaign but as a photo contest: it would be sad not to see that pair of Christmas socks Aunt Gladys gave you.


Writing contest: Your perfect party for New Year’s Eve
New Year’s Eve is first and foremost a great party time. What would your ideal New Year’s Eve be? And what if a brand could make it happen?


Landing page as Christmas card
Easily create your festive cards with the “Landing page” campaign type in Qualifio.


Flash contest: Win your ticket to a New Year’s Eve party
The first 200 entrants win tickets to an unbelievable New Year’s Eve party.


Christmas Tree ‘Spot the Difference’ game:
What presents are hidden under and in the tree? Try to spot the 7 differences.


Sudden death quiz: Are you a Champagne expert?
Be careful: one wrong answer, and it’s all over.


Vote: Original activities for the end-of-year holidays?
What are the most unusual activities for the festive season: a winter barbecue? Christmas under the sun?


Writing contest: Letter to Santa Claus
A classic writing contest for children: the letter to Santa Claus.


Video contest: Record your most original Christmas greetings on Christmas Eve, all in under 10 seconds.


Quiz: The weight of Santa’s sack
Guess the weight of Santa’s sack and win its entire contents!


Personality test: Which Santa are you?
A great example for a viral and topical personality test! Let your creativity work its wonders. A dash of humour is strongly advised.

personality test


Sudden Death quiz: How well do you know Christmas and its traditions?
Are you an expert on the Christmas holidays? Try the Sudden Death quiz: one wrong answer and you’re out.


Mystery word: Santa Claus
Find the names of these actors who have played Santa Claus on film.


Christmas quiz
Christmas Eve, Epiphany, do you know where these traditions come from? Take the test!


Mystery word: To which 2015 event does this photo relate?

personality test

Theme: The best of 2015

37Sudden death: Will you make it to the end of the great 2015 current events quiz?
One wrong answer and it’s all over.


Musical blind test 2015
Can you recognise the big hits of 2015?

blind test


Survey: Best film of 2015.
2015 saw some great cinema releases, but which was the best film of the year?


Survey: Series
What was the best series in 2015?


Survey: Music
What was the best song or, in any case, the biggest hit of 2015?


Survey: Music festivals
Next summer is still far away, but we can inch closer to it by thinking back to the festival period. What was the best festival of 2015?


Survey: Best book of 2015
Out of all the books released in 2015, which one impressed you the most?


Battle: Best festival
Are you more Rock Werchter or Vieilles Charrues?


Battle: Our best product?
Use the different types of Qualifio campaigns to survey your products and services. For example, what was the best product of 2015?


Survey: Celebrity of the year.
A classic end-of-year survey: who was the celebrity of the year?


Survey – Citizen of the year?
Which citizen in the region distinguished themselves to the point of becoming citizen of the year?


Quiz with answers in clickable image form – The top event of 2015?
Which event made the biggest impact in 2015? Be visual, use answers with images.


The Buzz of 2015 on social media?
With more users each year, social networks are where all the buzzes begin, but what was the biggest buzz of 2015?


Battle: The sexiest celebrity of 2015?
Who was the sexiest man or woman of the year? Use the Battle format to decide.