What is Qualifio?

Qualifio is the most powerful online platform to engage digital audiences and collect data by creating and publishing viral interactions on websites, mobile apps and social networks.

Qualifio provides Europe’s most comprehensive enterprise software to allow its customers to engage, grow, retain, qualify and monetise their digital communities through an innovative set of interactive applications.

Qualifio is an easy-to-use, powerful and flexible platform to create interactive campaigns and engage your digital communities. Collect and segment data through more than 40 viral formats: quizzes, personality tests, polls, photo contests, etc. that are easy to create and publish on a website, blog, mini-site, Facebook page or even a mobile app! By offering a multi-users, multi-brands engagement and data collection platform, Qualifio helps brands and media develop a consistent and centralised approach to interact with their audience, collect data and feed it in real time to their CRM, DMP, SSO (Single Sign-On), Analytics…

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More than 400 leading media, brands & agencies are daily users of Qualifio.

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Our users are creative.
Here’s a sample of efficient campaigns that were created using Qualifio.

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