Bonnier Publications Group is one of the largest publishers of print and digital magazines in the Nordic region, with more than 20 titles (Illustreret Videnskab, I Form, Historie, etc.) which are published in up to 5 countries.

Except for ad sales, the media group’s revenues come mainly from the sale of subscriptions to one or several printed magazines. In December 2018, the company started to use the Qualifio platform with one main objective in mind: generate leads, more specifically, paid subscriptions to its paper magazine.


“Today, the conversion rate of our Qualifio contests lies between 5-10%. That means that out of 25,000 unique participations we get 1,200-2,500 new print magazine subscribers. In total, for all our brands, Qualifio represents around 45% of our leads generated.”
– Johannes Orskov, Digital Lead Specialist

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Generate leads thanks to interactive content

In only 9 months, Bonnier Publications managed to generate more than 5,000 paid subscribers to its printed magazines. How? By prioritising interactive marketing experiences (quizzes, contests, personality tests, etc.) and investing in the Qualifio platform.

The platform allows the company to engage its audiences much further and to collect valuable and actionable data on its readers but also newsletter opt-ins.