Twitter Live Ranking campaign format launched!

Twitter Live Ranking campaign format launched! | Qualifio

Twitter is an international powerhouse, with 330M monthly active users. 83% of the world’s leaders have an account on the platform, and an estimated 500 million tweets are being sent each day. With our newest campaign format, the Twitter Live Ranking, all this powerful data can now be harnessed to create engagement among your audience!

Hashtags and mentions tracking for Twitter

The Twitter Live Ranking format offers realtime visualisation of mentions and hashtags used on Twitter. This format collects all the tweets in one place (either based on the mention of an account: @username, or a hashtag) and turns them into a ranking.

Need to see a live example? No problem, we have one!

This campaign is a ranking of some of the most popular World Cup football teams on Twitter. National teams are ranked in order of popularity (based on the number of times each of them is mentioned on Twitter).

But there are tons of other ideas! You could also live-rank the popularity of Olympic athletes, for instance:

Twitter Live Ranking | QualifioTwitter Live Ranking - Candidate view | Qualifio

The Twitter Live Ranking also works with political candidates, artists, movies (Cannes Festival is fast approaching!), and much more. The main advantage of this format is that it retains your audience and encourages them to come back on your channels to see how the ranking evolves!

Film Festival Twitter Live Ranking | QualifioFilm Festival Twitter Live Ranking – Candidate View | Qualifio

As you can see, the number of tweets about each candidate gets them ranked in the Twitter Live Ranking accordingly. The best way to monitor realtime mentions and hashtags use on Twitter!

Quick tips for using the Twitter Live Ranking

You can learn how to use the Twitter Live Ranking in our tutorial (FAQ). Or tune in on Thursday, March 15 from 10 AM to follow our live webinar and Q&A session about this new format of ours!

In the meantime, here are 5 attention points you might find useful 😊

  • This ranking format displays tweets about your most popular candidates by indicating how many tweets were posted about them over the last minute(s), hour, day(s) or week. Beware that we start to scrape and aggregate data from the moment the candidate has been configured in your campaign, not earlier! After that, updates are made at the same speed as updates on Twitter (realtime).
  • Users do not need to identify to be able to view the ranking.
  • Twitter Live Rankings can be integrated on any channel: website, Facebook Page, mobile app, or even on a dedicated minisite!
  • Within Qualifio Manager, the ‘Candidates’ step of your campaign states for the ‘Questions’ in most other formats.
  • Click on any candidate to display more detailed information on their ‘Twitter popularity’: last and best tweet, number of tweets per minute, influencers, etc.

Read more in our tutorial




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