Organise or rename Facebook Page Tabs

Default Page Tabs on Facebook include Home, Posts, Reviews, Videos, Photos, About, and Likes. Any other app you wish to install will first be added at the bottom of the list, although you can rearrange the order afterwards.

Organize Facebook Page Tabs

1. Go to the Settings of your Page

Page Settings

2. Click on Edit Page

Edit Facebook Page

3. Under the Tabs section, you can drag and drop the elements of the list to rearrange their order. The Home Tab is the only one that isn’t moveable.

Page Tabs orderFor instance, on the Qualifio Facebook Page, we wanted to move our Demo campaigns up on the list so that visitors would be more likely to see it and click on it.

Demo campaigns Tab on Qualifio Facebook Page

Rename a Facebook Page tab

You can also customize the Tabs of apps you add to your Facebook Page. (Unfortunately Facebook doesn’t allow the renaming of default items.) This can be very useful to adapt them to your own business environment. In order to do that, go to your Page Settings, under Edit Page, then select the app you want to change the name of, and then click on Settings.

Edit your Tab Settings

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