Why do journalists use Qualifio?

Make your content more interactive

Turn your article into a truly interactive experience: test your readers’ knowledge, let them rate your content, pique their interest with a short quiz… More than a few tricks, we offer over 50 different formats of interaction!

Multiply your publication channels

With Qualifio, you can publish your interactions on several websites, mobile apps, dedicated minisites, Facebook pages and other social media.

Grow your audience

Your interactive content will help you attract a larger audience. It also means higher probabilities of going viral. People who have fun indeed are more likely to share their experience.

Build cross channel stories

Different channels can be complementary. You could give a unique code on the radio for your audience to enter a web contest, or conduct an online poll that would be released in the print edition of your newspaper.

Increase page views and time spent on website

Publishing interactions also means that you will increase the average time spent on your website, which in turn will help you grow your ad revenues.

Qualifio is easy to use and to integrate

Qualifio is fairly easy to use. You don’t need to have any IT skills to make your articles interactive and stand out amongst your audience.

See for yourself

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