Break down data silos

Do you have a data silo problem?

Silos result from data not being shared between teams and tools. Not only do they represent missed sales opportunities, but they also damage customer experience and increase security and GDPR risks. A consistent data collection strategy improves the quality of data, user experience, data safety and ultimately sales conversion.

Qualifio’s data collection tool integrates with your other business softwares. Integrations help you automatically move data from Qualifio to your other data apps. This is key to make sure that data is shared and that everyone has what they need at their fingertips. For example, you can send customer/prospect data collected with the Qualifio platform to Actito (for marketing automation), to SAP Gigya (for customer identity management), and to Salesforce (for customer relationship management).

For you, this means that you can…

What does Qualifio integrate with?

Curious about what you can connect to Qualifio?

Check out our types of integrations below.


Make your interactive campaigns and CRM or CDP function together seamlessly and bring valuable customer and prospect information directly into your CRM or CDP.



Level up your marketing automation by sending out personalised communications enriched by freshly collected data.



Populate your targeting user segments with fresh, qualitative first-party data collected via Qualifio.



Create exclusive campaigns that only your members can access and help participants login easily by integrating your SSO system with Qualifio.



Gain greater value from your online audiences with coregistration, co-branded campaigns, sponsored marketing actions, and a bigger display ad inventory.



Connect your email service provider to Qualifio to sync data and grow your list.



Easily obtain and manage user consent for data processing.



Integrate any analytics platform with Qualifio and set up and customise tracking for your interactive campaigns.



Use our API to integrate Qualifio campaigns into your CMS system.



Positively influence the purchase cycle and increase conversions by distributing unique coupons to your customers.


Connect Qualifio

Automate workflows and synchronise customer data between Qualifio and your other softwares. Can’t find what you’re looking for?
We’re developing custom integrations with the apps you love.


Quickly and easily setup integrations with 10+ other softwares such as Google ID, Gigya, HighCo, Adobe Audience Manager, and more. You don’t need any technical skills!

As a Qualifio user, you can setup our most requested 3rd party integrations in the Qualifio Manager. You can access Qualifio integrations in the Settings, under Integrations & Partners. This page lists all our existing native integrations.


We believe that the right tool can transform the way you work —or at least, make your job easier, more fun and flexible. That’s why we develop powerful custom integrations to fit your needs.

We’ve connected our data with Zapier and Blendr, so you can develop your own integrations. Currently, only Qualifio Gold and Platinum users can request custom integrations. Ready to upgrade?

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Ways to integrate


Be automatically notified whenever a new participation occurs

Setup a webhook on forms and campaigns of your choice to automatically have the data collected with Qualifio sent to your web services in real time.


Define how data collected with Qualifio flows through your organisation

We set up an à la carte real-time push to send every new participation to your tools. This integration is developed by our dedicated team.


Let Qualifio upload files to your remote server on a daily basis

Every night, we upload a file with the data from that day’s participations to your S/FTP. You can then use a key or password to authenticate and securely access the file.


Ready to start trying out some integrations?

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