50+ campaign types

Quizzes, polls, personality tests, photo contests and many more…

You choose from 50+ existing formats: forms, animated games, quizzes, competitions, tests, polls, multimedia galleries, etc. You create your campaign in 7 easy steps, with no IT knowledge. Depending on your objectives, create anonymous or identified campaigns that you can publish on multiple websites, dedicated mini-sites, Facebook pages or mobile apps.

All campaign types

Manage multiple users & brands

Manage a portfolio of brands, websites, apps and social networks.

Qualifio allows large organisations to manage multiple brands and domains, and hundreds of decentralised users, including their agencies, thanks to a comprehensive rights management system. Whether you’re a media group, a company or an agency with a diverse portfolio of websites and Facebook pages, you can manage their analytics tags, templates & access in the settings of your Qualifio account.

Custom integrations

Feed data to your DMP, CRM, SSO, Analytics…

Qualifio is an integral part of your data ecosystem and easily connects to your own CRM, DMP, SSO (single sign-on) and even payment system. Use your own tags for efficient audience segmentation and retargeting. Our team of experts will not only advise you on the best practices but will also be able to develop and deploy complex connection workflows.

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Multilingual campaigns & back office

Qualifio’s back office is currently available in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. The front office is available in all European languages and most languages from around the world, including Arabic, Chinese, Russian, and Hebrew.

Full campaign customisation

Whether you’re a CSS master or not.

You have full control on the design. You can create your campaigns based on our existing templates, use our built-in design modules, or just integrate your own CSS.

Advanced reporting & analytics

Analyse & optimise

Qualifio offers advanced and detailed live reporting on your campaign stats and insights on your unique profiles, and on the global use of your account. You can also add your own audience tags. Analyse the funnel of participations to optimise your campaigns or get insights about the best sources of traffic. You can also draw up winners (randomly or based on a tiebreaker question) using a filter based on their answers. You can also exclude specific IP addresses or previous winners.

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