Video | Èggo Kitchen’s story of customer segmentation using Qualifio

Video | Èggo Kitchen's story of customer segmentation using Qualifio

Èggo Kitchen taps into interactive marketing to segment and understand its audience.

Èggo is a Belgian kitchen specialist that has been in existence for ten years. With 45 stores
across the country and several branches in Luxembourg and in Spain, the brand created a network of around 400 collaborators and sells on average 15,000 kitchens each year. All is well in Wonderland, right? In fact, as every modern retailer, Èggo has challenges…

“Belgians buy a new kitchen on average every fifteen to twenty years, so the product renewal cycle on our market is very long. WHICH IS WHY IT IS IMPERATIVE FOR US TO KEEP IN TOUCH WITH OUR CUSTOMERS AND PROSPECTS throughout the year.”


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Eggo Kitchen x Qualifio


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