Why do media marketers use Qualifio?

Increase traffic and page views

Publishing interactions also means that you will increase the average time spent on your website, which in turn will help you grow your ad revenues.

Boost your registrations

Make use of our SSO integrations and increase your number of registrations. To participate in your actions, your audience can register with the same username and password they use to login on your website.

Qualify and segment your visitors and prospects

Qualifio easily connects to your CRM and DMP, so it makes use of both anonymous and identified information to help efficiently segment audiences. Collect data to create personalised and well targeted actions.

Integrate payment solutions

Qualifio can also easily connect with payment systems such as PayPal or Add those to your identification forms and go for a paid registration. No need for code in your form!

Increase customer loyalty

Create interactive actions for your audience and pique their interest with contests and quizzes. Gain their loyalty and make them want to come back regularly.

Save time and money

Qualifio has many easy-to-use integrated features. Therefore, our platform allows you to reduce expenditures of time and money by decreasing development costs. No need to develop separate online applications anymore; it’s all there.

See for yourself

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