Ad Sales

Why do sales team use Qualifio?

Offer innovative branded content packages

Take your branded content offer to a whole new level thanks to more than 40 formats of interactions. Woo advertisers with interactive branded content on web, mobile and social media, which remains totally unaffected by ad blockers, and has a proven efficient ROI in terms of notoriety, traffic, lead collection, audience segmentation, etc.

Save time and money

Qualifio has tons of ready-to-use features. Therefore, our platform allows you to reduce expenditures of time and money by decreasing development costs. No need to develop new, custom applications anymore; it’s all there!

Increase your display inventory

Thanks to our innovative features, you can significantly grow your display inventory: include new ad formats (display, video…) in your Qualifio campaigns or refresh your existing ads at every refresh of a Qualifio page.

Create audience segments and grow your CPM

Qualifio campaigns generate a lot of segmented data. By pushing data from Qualifio campaigns to your DMP, you will be able to offer a more segmented audience to your advertisers and thus significantly increase the CPM price.

Activate monetisation partners

Qualifio has developed a network of built-in monetisation partners helping media to increase revenues: co-registration, sponsored captcha, video, etc. All plug-and-play and easy to deploy.

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