Qualifio allows marketers to deliver interactive brand experiences and collect tons of data, key to efficiently target future communication

Why do brands use Qualifio?

Make your content marketing more interactive

Stay top-of-mind, promote your brand and products, engage your community, and enhance customer loyalty.

Collect new leads and feed your CRM

By building on interactive content, you can grow your communities (visitors, Facebook fans etc.) and thus increase your chances of going viral.

Tie the digital and physical worlds

Use your online campaigns to drive traffic in stores by offering exclusive coupons. Or, if that’s what you are looking for, drive traffic online by distributing unique codes in store, which will be used to access your campaign.

Qualify and segment your visitors and prospects

Qualifio easily connects to your CRM and DMP, so it makes use of both anonymous and identified information to help segment audiences in the most efficient way. Collect data to create personalised and well targeted actions.

Multiply publication channels

With Qualifio, you can easily publish your campaigns on multiple channels, whether it’s a website, a mini-site, a Facebook page, or a mobile app. Multiply your exposure in a fast, convenient way, without extra development.

Save time and money

Qualifio has many easy-to-use integrated features. Therefore, our platform allows you to reduce expenditures of time and money by decreasing development costs. No need to develop separate online applications anymore; it’s all there.

Discover how brands use Qualifio

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