Why use Qualifio?

Qualifio is the most powerful online platform to engage digital audiences and collect data by creating and publishing viral interactions on websites, mobile apps and social networks.

Engage your community

Your audience loves interaction, chiming in on a trendy topic, posting pictures, entering contests and taking a chance at winning prizes. The more interaction you spark, the more engagement you get. Engaged audiences are more likely to like, comment and share your content, so that also means higher probabilities for you to go viral. We provide complete flexibility regarding the look and feel of your campaigns and identification forms.

Collect data and qualify your database

Our 40+ formats of interactions allow you to collect data. We understand that although growing your database is essential, it is not enough. Just as important, you can personalise forms and increase the qualification of your profiles, campaign after campaign. Qualifio is an integral part of your data ecosystem: we make use of both declarative and non declarative data by connecting to your CRM and DMP for a better audience qualification and segmentation.

Increase registrations and opt-ins

We provide a co-registration module so that you can centralise and manage all subscriptions to your newsletter (or that of a partner). In addition to the collection of new registrations, you can also connect your own registration or SSO (Single Sign-On) system to our platform and allow your existing clients who already have an account on your website to connect using their login and password.

Monetise your audience

With Qualifio, you get new advertising solutions such as co-branded contests or surveys, interactive branded content, lead collection campaigns, co-registration, etc. Increase your display inventory and segment your audience, so you can boost your advertising revenues.

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