Quizzes, contests, instant wins & predictions

Quizzes, contests, instant wins and predictions allow you to attract traffic, to engage your community and above all to collect and qualify profiles. You also have the possibility to manage your prizes and winners in an automated manner.

Photo, video & writing contests

Photo, video and writing contests allow your community to submit their creations. After moderation, you can display a gallery and let your community vote (anonymously or with identification).

Polls, battles, votes, surveys & personality tests

These campaign formats allow your online audiences to give their opinion. Participants can be anonymous or identified, and thanks to conditional branching, your campaigns can change depending on the participants's answers to previous questions.

Animated games

Animated games especially are designed to be fun and to let your community play over and over thanks to original and customisable game mechanics. These games are ready-to-use but you can also personalise them from A to Z. They are the ideal formats to play on smartphones and tablets.

Forms, landing pages, slideshows & Advent calendars

Qualifio allows you to create all types of forms, landing pages (such as an additional tab for your Facebook page), slideshows or Advent calendars, whether for publishing or advertising purposes — including profile collection.

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