How to use a quiz to boost your app downloads

Quizz interactivos para aumentar las descargas de tu App

If you’re reading this post, it most probably means that you are either about to launch a new mobile app, or perhaps that you are a marketer who wants to discover effective ways to promote an app. Given the fierce competition that is out there today (3.8 million apps and counting), getting people to download your app is no easy task. But don’t be discouraged – there are effective ways to make it happen!

Discover below how you can increase your downloads effectively through a fun, innovative, and engaging Qualifio campaign.

Step 1 – Create your quiz

Quizzes are a fantastic way to convert because they unite attractive content with an interactive experience. You can choose from different types of quizzes: image-based quiz, classic quiz, chrono quiz, sudden death, quiz with cumulative points, etc.

Step 2 – Get a link to the app

If your app is available on the App Store

1) Go to iTunes’ Link Maker in order to get a link that will direct to your application;

iTunes Link Maker

2) In the search bar, enter the name of your application. It doesn’t matter if it’s on Apple Music, iTunes Store, App Store, iBooks Store or on the Mac App Store. Don’t forget to select your country (so the country of the Store your application is hosted on) and the media type (music, movie, audiobook, etc.)

3) Once you’ve found your app, copy the direct link (provided under your app’s description). With this link you will be able to either create and customize your own button in Qualifio —with the colours of your brand, for example— or transform it into an App Store badge. Read on to know how!

If your app is available on Google Play

Copy the URL from the Play Store website (this will make for a direct link to your app). The link will be something like:, and will direct users to a page looking like this:

Google Earth app in Play Store

Step 3 – Insert the link in your campaign

You can paste the link wherever you want in your campaign:

  • in the welcome screen (let’s say you created an app dedicated to your newest range of products. You may want to give them the possibility to download it before they start the chrono quiz that includes questions about your products);
  • in the exit screen (for instance if you create a form to collect subscriptions to an event and want to promote your app amongst the attendees);
  • as a hint, so that participants really want to download your app to find the answer.

…Feel free to pick! In the demo campaign below, we added a button both as hints above the questions and included them in the exit screen, so you can see how it looks:

  • To what country is the Hudson Bay connected?

This method is completely functional on mobile as well as in the Facebook in-app browser, albeit with a tiny difference depending on which exploitation system you’re using:

  • On iOS: when leaving Facebook and opening the App Store, a dialogue box will open in order to inform the user that they’re about to leave Facebook;

Leave Facebook?

  • On Android: no such message will appear when leaving Facebook —the user will directly be directed to the Play Store.

Google Earth app in Play Store on Android mobile


To sum up, generating more downloads for your app is not always the easiest thing to do. But by making make use of this tactic, you should be on the right track to see a boost in your downloads: create a fun and/or educational quiz and direct prospects towards your app! 😉


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