4 tips to make your quiz more attractive

Make your quiz more attractive

The quiz: quick, easy and effective

A quiz is composed of one or more multiple choice questions, with just one correct answer. By answering the questions, the player accumulates points and becomes eligible to win prizes. Quite effective and quick to set up, this type of campaign can often generate a lot of participation and go viral:

  • Thanks to participants ‘organically’ sharing their scores on Facebook and inviting their friends to participate as well
  • Thanks to rewarded sharing: if players share the game on their Facebook wall, they can earn extra points.

A quiz is also a highly qualifying campaign – a person who takes the time to answer 10 questions about wine is generally a wine lover. It’s just that sometimes a quiz is a little too simplistic! And yet, making a quiz interactive and addictive is relatively simple: a little creativity combined with the use of various Qualifio options and there you go! Here a few ideas for campaigns that convert:

1. Use images and videos

Diversify! The multiple choice answers do not always have to be in text format. For example, add a photo clue, which participants have to refer to in order to find the answer. Nothing is simpler: there is a clue function, and each question can be posted in ‘source’ mode.

Using a video obviously makes a campaign more interactive and significantly increases its number of views! The basic principle is that the question and answers are directly linked to the video. To be able to answer, you have to watch the video!

2. Use the time factor

There are two possibilities of ‘gamifying’ a quiz by adding the unbearable stress of the stopwatch:

  • For the entire campaign: in this case, it’s a chrono quiz. This means you have to answer all the questions during an allotted time. Success or failure depends on this time, and the exit message will obviously be different in the event of success or failure.
  • A maximum response time can be defined for every question. If after x seconds, the player hasn’t answered, their answer is considered incorrect and they will automatically be sent to the next step

3. Combine the two: Where’s Waldo?

The two points above can be combined! Creating a ‘Where’s Waldo?’ type campaign is now child’s play:

  • Upload an image of a group of people.
  • Set the timer to 10 seconds per question.
  • Use ‘clickable image’ answers, with photos of different people, only one of which is in the first photo.
  • Participants have 10 seconds to find out who it is.

4. Sudden death

Sudden death adds a stress-inducing dimension to the quiz: imagine you ask eight questions. If the participant is wrong on the seventh question, it’s all over! Since you’ve most likely activated the limit of one play per calendar day, players will have to wait until the next day to try their luck again. And then, surprise, the questions aren’t the same! The trick is to upload 30 questions in the back office and then randomly select eight per quiz. Did we forget some of your original campaigns? Send us the URL by e-mail!


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