The 2015 Social Media Quiz

social media quiz

  • In December 2015, worldwide, how many snapchats are send per day ?
  • Which social network introduced new “CRM oriented” features to its business profiles ?
  • How many likes got the most liked pictures of the year on Instagram ?
  • Facebook introduced a feature that allows content providers to load their articles immediately to Facebook. What’s the name of this feature ?
  • What is Youtube Red ?
  • Which social network turned 5 years old this year ?
  • The limit of characters in direct messages on Twitter has increased from 140 to … ?
  • As a response to Meerkat, what did Twitter launch in March 2015 ?
  • What’s the name of the new social media launched by Casey Neistat ?
  • Which Facebook feature was launched with a video of the new Star Wars movie?


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