Great campaign: De Standaard’s “Guess-the-logo” quiz

Ever played a ‘Guess the logo’ game on your smartphone?

Logo Quiz

This game comes in dozens of mobile applications —sometimes uploaded more than 40 millions times on iTunes— and we see more and more websites giving the answers & communities of true fans popping up here and there.

Why? Because it takes only a few minutes, it’s very easy and addictive. In short: it’s fun. Try it and you’ll see. You’ll be amazed to recognize logos you nearly forgot they exist!

You can easily create similar games with Qualifio; De Standaard (Flemish newspaper) launched its own “Guess the logo” quiz with the difference that each question displays 3 versions of a well-known logo. The official one and two slightly photoshopped. The mechanic of the game is quite simple: pick up the right logo.

De Standaard's logo quiz

Beside the creative idea to reuse a successful type of game, the iframe of the campaign has been perfectly integrated in the website with a simple colored background!

The playful aspect and virality are key elements of success of this type of campaign. De Standaard could for example have inserted a timer on each question or include the {score} variable in the Facebook virality settings to enable participants to share their results on their wall.


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