The Soft Gate: an alternative to the Facebook Fan Gate

By November 5th, 2014 you will not be able anymore to condition the access of your Facebook application (such as your Qualifio campaigns) on the fact that a person likes your page or not. Facebook wishes, by so doing, to focus on the quality of your content and the qualification of your fans. Still you can encourage people to like your page via the ‘Soft Gate’ aimed to replace the Fan Gate at Qualifio.

What’s a soft gate?

Soft Gate Facebook

It is quite simple: you invite – not oblige – your participants to like your page with a persuasive and personalised call-to-action before they enter your contest. Thereby only people really interested by your product, services or content will like your pages and so you keep on growing a qualified community with your campaigns. In practice, it’s an option to check in Qualifio. You can customise the title, description, Facebook url of the page to like, exit button and the background picture.

What happens to the ongoing campaigns?

A bunch of ongoing campaigns with fan gates will end up after November 5th. We will delete these fan gates automatically so you will need to manually activate soft gates in each of those campaigns if you still want to encourage people to like your page. No need to work on the design, you can easily make the change in a few seconds!

The soft gate, a step further than the fan gate

You can display our soft gate on Facebook, but also on a widget or minisite. It is now also available on mobile!

The benefits? Multiply the opportunities to get fans, do not limit yourself to Facebook and explore other channels if more appropriated!

FAQ: How to generate new fans with a soft gate


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