Quick & easy: 20-minute campaign ideas for New Year’s resolutions

2019 New Year's resolutions

Christmas is barely behind us, and New Year’s Eve is coming. You probably still have the taste of that Yule log in your mouth. Marketers, are you feeling the pressure? Fear not. It’s not too late if you still want to squeeze a little extra from your interactive marketing strategy and boost your audience’s engagement.

Here are three last-minute campaign ideas on the theme of good resolutions. The best part about it? You can create those in less than 20 minutes.

Ready? Let’s get started!

1. A personality test

Sometimes, setting an intention for the new year is no easy task. For some people, it is easier said than done. They didn’t think it through and now the holidays are approaching and they are left with now good resolution to brag about during family reunions. Help them figure it out with a personality test!

Which New Year's resolution should you make? In January, how are your money worries?

Need an alternative?

Why not try a personality test to let your audience find out if they’re the type of person who’s able to keep a resolution?

2. A good resolutions checklist

The checklist format is super easy to create. Our idea? A simple list of good resolution ideas: get in shape, eat healthier food, stop procrastinating, meet new people… See for yourself with this great example by Granini:

Granini's winter checklist

Need an alternative?

Not a fan of the checklist format? Why not go for a poll instead? Ask your audience if they were able to keep their resolutions in 2016!

3. A writing contest

You are more interested in user generated content? The start of a new year is a good time to build on our writing contest format. Ask your audience to submit a text with their New Year’s resolution, the reason why it is, or how they figured it out.

Oh 2017! My good resolution... What is your good resolution for 2017?

Need an alternative?

Before diving into a new year, press pause. Ask your audience to reflect on what they are grateful for or in what sense 2016 was really an unforgettable year for them.

Final tip: No time for design? Make your campaign prettier using a free stock photo as a banner or background, such as a Christmas-themed pattern.
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