Qualifio Manager 4.1 is here!

The latest version of Qualifio Manager is online with three new features… and two more as a bonus! Find out what’s new:

New type of question: the “drag & drop” ranking

You can now create “ranking” polls. Thanks to this new type of drag & drop question, participants can rank the proposed elements (football players, songs, movies, etc.) in order of preference. Each proposition can be illustrated by a picture, a sound or a video.

Have a look at our demo campaign in this article if you want a more concrete example of what this feature allows you to create!

How does it work?

Opt-in Manager

The new Opt-in Manager proposes a new way of managing your opt-ins (subscriptions to your newsletters) and your coregistrations (subscriptions to your partners’ newsletters). You can now create and manage your opt-ins and coregistrations independently of any identification form. Adding opt-ins to a campaign is made easy, as it doesn’t require to create a new form.

How does it work?

Gallery filters

With this new feature, you can create filters in the gallery of your photo contest. Your participants can thus select in which category they wish to upload their photos. Filters will then be displayed in the gallery. For example, you can now add a filter to your photo gallery in order to differentiate amateur from professional photos, or simply if you wish to separate blondies from brunettes.

gallery filters manager

How does it work?

Last but not least, two extra features

  • Preview: you can now access the preview mode of your campaign from any step of the Manager, thanks to the new Preview buttons;
  • Polls: you can now customize the default color of your graphs! Simply go to the graph’s parameters in the Look & feel tab.




What is Qualifio?

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