Qualifio 3.5 – 11 New features!

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of Qualifio Manager 3.5! This release introduces many cool new features.

1. Photo and videos mass download

In the Stats module, you can now download in one click all photo’s or videos uploaded by your participants in a photo or video competition.

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2. Winner’s draw : Filter winners based on their answers

Filter the winner’s draw based on answers to a specific question. It allows you, for example, to define winners based on a specific movie theater location (UGC Brussels or Antwerp) chosen by participants. No need to create one campaign per theater anymore, participants select their chosen location by answering a question (radio button or drop down list).

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3. Tie-Breaker question : Improved winner’s selection

It is now easier to select winners by proximity to a tie-breaker answer (with or without points) on various campaign types (contests, memory, guess-the-world…)

4. Validation for numerical and alphanumerical fields

The quality and consistency of your collected data is key. A new “validation” tab is now available for all numerical and alphanumerical fields : Min/max number of characters, entry mask, in-field information text and customized error message.

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5. Photo & video competitions : upload multiple pictures & videos

For any photo or video upload campaign, participants may submit multiple pictures or videos during the same participation (one main entry + complementary entries). The Qualifio front office will display the complementary entries as thumbnails below the main entry.

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6. Hidden field in identity forms

A new type of field is available in the form management : the hidden field. This can be a campaign code, a language, etc. This field is not shown to your participants, but let you send this specific information to your Single Sign On (SSO) or participant’s CRM profile through a CRM custom variable. To use it, just select “Hidden Field” in the Field Type dropdown list while editing a field.

7. Limit participations on IP or E-mail address

2 new options are available in the participation’s limitation : a limitation based on e-mail address or on IP address. You can specify how many participations are accepted per e-mail or per IP.
Please note that these two options are currently not compatible with the following “time limitations” : once per day, per week, once per month.

8. Tie Breaker in identity form

You can now add a tie-breaker question within an identity form itself. Simply add a new field in your identity form and select “Tie Breaker” and “Mandatory”. You will be able to select winners based on their answers, very useful for campaign without questions : memory, guess-the-word, simple forms.

9. Introduction text for Memory

A new editable section is available in the edition of a Memory (Tab 4. Cards). You can now easily add a text above the cards of a memory.

10. New upload zone in photo and video competitions.

The upload zone in our photo and video competitions has been redesigned. It is now easier to use with an improved look and feel, including a drag and drop zone.

11. JavaScript embed tag on Facebook

All campaigns on Facebook are now embedded with the Javascript tag instead of the HTML tag. It allows an automatic height re-dimension of your campaign based on its content. However, all advantages of the Javascript integration are not possible on Facebook : UTM within reporting and the “anchor” function.

Discover More : Why you should use the Javascript tag instead of the HTML one.


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