The very last product release of 2016

A few new features before Christmas

Our development team has been working hard and came up with 10+ new or improved features. We hope they will continue to make your Qualifio experience even better.

Flag campaigns as models

Make your campaign creation even easier: account admins can now define campaign models by flagging specific campaigns as such. Models will be highlighted and tagged as “MODEL”, as well as pinned so that they’re always at the top of your list of campaigns. This feature allows all users of your account to easily duplicate an existing model and simply edit its content.

Flag campaign as a model

Read more in our FAQ

Share participants’ answers

You can now use variables to share the content of your participants’ answers, in a poll or in a quiz for example. This will allow you to personalise a share or an exit screen using the participant’s answers. At the same time, you can also collect this useful data for your DMP and retargeting platforms. This feature now applies for open as well as closed questions. Also, this feature opens up a lot of new opportunities and allows you to exploit the marketing value of your participants’ answers.

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Share pictures and videos from your gallery

We improved the possibility to share a photo, a video or a writing piece from a gallery (when zooming in on the content). This feature is ideal for participants who want to share their submission or that of a friend via email, on social media or through WhatsApp. See how it can be done in our screencast hereunder.

Share from zoom Read more in our FAQ

Use your own subdomain on Facebook App

You publish your campaigns on Facebook? This feature allows you to use your own subdomain instead of This can prove very useful in case you want to use your Single Sign-On (SSO) or your own Analytics tags.

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Improved features

We worked on improved versions for several features and we came up with the following:

  • A user-friendlier module to insert variables in your screens (participant’s name, score etc.) ;
  • A more convenient way to crop pictures;
  • An enhanced version of the global statistics.

Last but not least

As from now, you can also…

  • Insert a DoubleClick tag (with participants’ answers) in the exit screen;
  • Activate a Facebook in-app browser full compatibility mode;
  • Connect Qualifio to Adobe Audience Manager (DMP);
  • Open hyperlink tips in pop-up windows;
  • Hover your mouse pointer over a campaign’s name to reveal its author:

Campaign's author in hover


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